Less Young People Learning To Drive

The image of a teenager getting their first car on their 17th birthday is on its way to obtaining myth status, as more and more 17-19 year olds are deciding that driving costs more than it is worth. It is hardly surprising, in fact the only surprise to be had is that there has only been a 20% drop in learner drivers between the ages of 17 and 19.


Asda Money have recently reported figures which would suggest that it now costs around £5000 to put a youngster behind the wheel, and which ‘youngster’ can afford that!? Also with the economic downturn it seems unreasonable to expect the parents to shell out such a massive sum for something which no longer seems that essential. Also, after the initial £5000, the youth will have to worry about rising fuel prices, more insurance and servicing and MOT costs. Also, with regards to insurance, costs have risen by 80% for young drivers since 2010 alone!

Yet these factors aren’t just affecting the younger driver; is has been found that those who have passed their tests are driving less. It seems it is taking much more these days for people to open the car door, and with rising costs, car ownership, whether it’s a new or used car, is becoming more of a burden than it is a luxury.