Top Gear France

The Top Gear franchise has spread its reach far and wide; there is a Top Gear America, a Top Gear Australia and now there will be another, this time in France.

The French equivalent will follow the same basic model as the British series, using three male hosts and they are: actor & Comedian Philippe Lellouche, Le Manslegend Bruce Jouanny and Yann Larret-Menzeno who is the editor of a french men’s magazine. It will be interesting to see the dynamics of the three, and whether or not they end up echoing the relationship between the British trio. We have been speculating as to what will be there reasonably priced car, and we reckon asecond hand Renault Scenic would do the job nicely. The Show will debut at the beginning of next year on France’s RMC Decouverte channel (the same channel that shows the British version).