Used Auto Media

Buying a used car can be a very traumatic experience, not only is the actual negotiating stage a bit of a pain, but many buyers also end up purchasing a car that they are ultimately unhappy with. You may have heard a number of horror stories about pushy dealers who practically force you into buying a vehicle that you don’t want, but more often than not, the reason for dissatisfied buyers is much less sinister. Garages also get a bad rep when it comes to service and MOT which our writer discusses at length at

The problem usually stems from ignorance, plain and simple. People don’t know what they are looking for, they are indifferent to the signs of what makes a good used car and they end up making a judgement call on something that they know next to nothing about and are in no position to judge. Throw in a few pre-reg cars and they wouldn’t have a clue.

In this time of easily accessible information, ignorance is no longer an excuse! There are now a number of readily available articles and videos which should help educate you about everything when it comes to buying a Used Car. From what you should be paying, to how to inspect it, everything can be decided upon using precise and accurate measures, not just a guess in the dark. Research tells us that there are hundreds of sites to help you search. A popular one is Buy Your Car which has many used car listings from both dealers and private individuals. You could also try