With the remaining assets of the Maxwell Motor Company, Walter P. Chrysler founded the Chrysler Corporation on June 6, 1925. By 1928 the company founded the Plymouth brand for the low priced and DeSoto for the medium priced ends of the market. They were able to set up a full range of brands similar to what General Motors had done by 1955, adding the Imperial marque to their Dodge division and others.

Chrysler Logo

Their brands met various successes through the years and the company was able to remain an independent manufacturer until 1998. During this time the DeSoto brand was terminated, Valiant was added, then Valiant was dropped, and AMC was acquired adding Jeep to the Chrylser line up. They had also ventured into the European market in 1966 but that collapsed by 1978 when they sold their remaining assets to PeugeotCitroen.

In 1998 Chrysler merged with Daimler-Benz, forming DaimlerChrysler. When the two companies came together it was considered a merger of equals although Daimler has proven to be the dominant partner. Chrysler, once again, hit hard financial times and phased out their Plymouth brand as well as began sharing platforms and components with Daimler. This has improved sales and Chrysler is now contributing a significant share of DaimlerChrysler’s profits.

Fiat Doblo Review

The Fiat Doblo focuses mainly on transporting people. This is a welcome change for many buyers who are fed up with the techno-savvy cars lately that incorporate as many high-tech features into one vehicle as humanly possible, while sacrificing comfort or functionality.

The Doblo concentrates on what it is built to do transport people. The Doblo resembles a small van, it was not designed to attract buyers based on its stylish appeal, it was designed to attract buyers based on its merit and functionality. It has strategically been positioned at the budget end of the scale to appeal to buyers in that price range.

The car boasts a large load space and sliding rear doors. It facilitates easy access to the cabin for most passengers, and a good driving position. The Doblo looks like a small bus, but it drives like a car.

The little Fiat provides, direct steering, an excellent braking system, limited roll, and a smooth ride. Fiat offers buyers the attractive option of a diesel engine. This option will deliver buyers even more savings each time they fill up.

The Diablo’s modest price reflects Fiat’s intentions of providing the basics and focusing on practicality rather than showmanship. The result is an affordable people carrier with all the elements necessary to provide a smooth and enjoyable ride.


The Doblo is an inexpensive car to purchase, but optional add-ons quickly raise the price. The diesel engine option will help to keep fuel costs down and running costs and insurance should be minimal. Resale value should be good with the diesel engine option.

The cabin offers good front and back space for passengers including enough head, leg, and elbowroom for most passengers to fit comfortably.Fiat Doble rear space The boot offers a large and practical storage area that accommodates most items easily.

The main controls and dials are well placed and functional. The controls are very basic and large enough to operate with ease. The car’s trip computer is complex but not too complicated or difficult to use.

The Doblo is a very comfortable ride. It offers enough passenger space for everyone to enjoy the ride. Legroom could have been better but is still adequate. The seats are supportive and comfortable, and road and engine noise is successfully kept to a minimal.

The Doblo is extremely easy to access. It’s front doors open wide and the seats sit high enough that sliding into them is not a problem for most. The rear doors slide open allowing easy access to the rear seats. The boot has a tailgate that opens wide allowing really good access to the rear cargo area. The load lip is flat which also helps to facilitate access to the boot.

The Doblo is an easy car to park. A clear rear view and a rear end that’s straight up and down allow the driver to park with little effort. Large side mirrors and parking sensors also remove any guesswork and help to facilitate safe parking.

Life Style

The diesel option provides better performance and delivers a better all around driving experience. The Doblo drives well both in town and on busy motorways.  The steering is weighty but not too heavy and provides plenty of feedback. The car also has an excellent braking system.

The Doblo would make a good family car. It is an affordable, comfortable, and dependable mode of transportation. It provides plenty of cabin space for growing children and enough boot space to accommodate various family activities. The sliding rear doors would really come in handy when loading and unloading small children.

The Doblo could be a decent first car. It’s an inexpensive purchase with low running and maintenance costs. The diesel version is fuel efficient, and the car is easy to drive and park. Insurance would be reasonable even for a new driver.

Fiat DobloThe Doblo is seen as more of a commercial vehicle, but works equally well as a private vehicle. The car is durable and aesthetically pleasing. It is a budget buy but the over all build quality is good and cabin materials do not come across as cheap. The Doblo will do much to boost the Fiat image.

Security and Safety

The Doblo is a relatively inexpensive car and is not likely to fall victim to car thieves. The car does not come with an elaborate security system because it is not likely to need one. The Doblo comes with remote central locking.

The Doblo comes with twin front airbags, anti-lock brakes, EBD, and offers side airbags as a cost option.

The Finishing Touches

The Fiat Doblo comes equipped with a basic stereo unit. It offers good sound quality and controls that are large enough to make operating them a breeze. The car also offers a sat-nav system on the options list.

Bright colors work best on the Doblo changing the car’s look from a work car to a fun car. Bright metallic colors not only enhance the Doblo’s exterior but the interior as well where the painted metal design shows through. The cabin’s plastics do not have an expensive look to them, but they do look sturdy and well made.


The Diablo is not just a fun car to drive. It’s extremely practical too. It has enough room to accommodate a family and it provides excellent cargo space. Take into account the car’s quality build, affordability and low running costs, and it is hard to understand why anyone wouldn’t at least consider the Doblo as an option.

Audi RS4 Car Review

The RS4 takes its place among a long line of high performance Audis. Drastic changes in exterior design coupled with a four-wheel drive system and a more powerful engine combine to create one excellent automobile.

On the outside the A4 can be identified by its Xenon headlamps and deep front bumper with air intakes on either side. The rear can be identified by the large bore exhaust pipes and discreet boot spoiler.

The A4’s engine has been enhanced mechanically. The 4.2-litre V8 has been improved with the addition of direct injection and with custom-made internal parts to greatly increase the engines output.

The cars hood and side wings are made from lightweight aluminium instead of steel. This helps to improve the car’s weight distribution and handling balance. The noted improvements combine making for a better overall driving experience.

Inside the RS4 the stylish bucket seats adjust for maximum comfort and support. Inside, the cabin boasts many high-level standards, such as a Bose stereo system, climate control and sport mode, all activated by controls located on the steering column.

Audi RS4


The RS4 is a fairly expensive vehicle. Insurance runs high, and running costs won’t be cheap either. Even if you choose the more fuel efficient diesel engine.

The front passengers have adequate head and legroom, while rear passengers also enjoy plenty of space. The boot is fairly large and can accommodate most reasonably packages.

The controls in the cabin are excellent. They are clearly labeled and easy to find. They are all logically placed. The car’s Multi Media Interface system controls vehicle navigation and audio settings.

The RS4 is excellent on comfort. The Dynamic Road Control System allows suspension coverage over the roughest terrain. The seats that come standard with the car are adjustable and very comfortable regardless of passenger size.

Accessing the RS4 is not difficult at all. Heavily bolstered front seating compartments require a little more effort. The boot is quite accessible though with its wide aperture.

The RS4 is a super easy car to park thanks to all the Audi Automotive equipment. It provides great front and rear vision, and comes equipped with both front and rear parking sensors. The car’s steering is light and blends right into the mix, and the end result is easy parking. The wheels are a little wide however and the driver should use caution when parallel parking.

Life Style

The RS4 is an expensive car that delivers driving excitement with a powerful engine that delivers low rev torque and high rev punch accompanied by an awesome V8 noise, how could it not be exciting. The braking system on the RS4 is excellent, suspension is good, and the grip is top-notch. The steering occasionally feels a little lacking, but over all the RS4 delivers a splendid ride.

The RS4 would make a good family car too. It provides plenty of room for all of its passengers and could easily accommodate a family with smaller kids or a family with older children. The car offers plenty of boot space, and the RS4 has offers plenty in the way of passenger comfort even on long trips.

The RS4 is not a practical first car. It is expensive to purchase and expensive to run. Even though it is an easy car to drive it offers too much power for a beginning driver, and insurance would be costly.

This is a quality car. The RS4 makes use of quality materials inside and out and that is very obvious from the look and feel of the car. The RS4 sports and delivers a high performance image.

Audi Logo

Security and Safety

The RS4 is going to attract a lot of attention and could easily catch a thief’s eye. That’s why it has been fitted with a Thatcham–approved alarm system. There are other optional security add-ons available, such as; double glazed windows, and tracking devices.

The RS4 has been designed with safety in mind. The car comes equipped with the usual array of various airbags, ABS, ESP, Xenon headlights, a strong body shell, and other features that help to enhance the safety of the vehicle.

The Finishing Touches

The RS4 comes equipped with a Bose sound system. The system includes a CD player and tuner with ten speakers. The sound quality is great, and an automatic noise compensation system automatically adjusts the sound level according to the level of exterior noise.

Most of the interior colors are comprised of dark greys and blacks, there are lighter options available. The cabin’s chrome and silver trim keeps the cabin from feeling too dark. The instrumentation and displays have red backlighting, and leather trim comes standard with the RS4.


The RS4 comes with a high price tag, but that price is matched by the RS4’s amazing ability. It’s easy to drive, comfortable, and delivers an excellent performance when driven fast. The engine also performs well and the 4-wheel drive system comes in handy in all types of weather.

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo manufactures Italian automobiles and was originally founded in 1907 by Cavalier Ugo Stella who was partnered with Alexandre Darracq. Through the years the firm has been bought and sold several times and has been in and out of financial trouble.

During World War II the Alfa factory was destroyed. After the war the company struggled financially and decided to stop manufacturing large luxury cars and began to manufacture smaller cars in larger numbers.

In the 1970’s the firm was struggling yet again with financial difficulties. FIAT bought into the company and created Alfa Lancia Spa. The new company then went on to manufacture Alfas and Lancias.

Alfa Romeos have been used as early as the 1930’s as racing cars. Alfa Romeos have been raced in many forms; Formula I, Prototypes, Touring form and Fast Touring. Private Alfa owners and drivers have also been known to enter rally races with great success. Alfa Romeos are famous for their racing ability and style.

Alfa Romeo LogoThe Alfa badge was designed in 1910 by Romano Cattaneo he created a circular emblem that incorporated the City of Milan’s emblem and the Visconti Family’s red cross and serpent coat of arms outlined in a dark blue metallic ring with the words “ALFA” and “MILANO” inscribed.

Alfa Romeo has manufactured many successful cars over the past fifteen years. Cars such as the GT, Brera, the Alfa Romeo 147 and the Alfa Romeo 159 have been very popular in recent years.

The Alfa Romeo GT is a coupe that was designed from the 156 and shares many of the same mechanical features. The car’s interior design however, resembles the 147 with whom it is almost identical to. The car comes with a choice of a 2.0 petrol engine, a 1.9 MultiJet turbo-diesel, or the 3.2 V6 petrol engine. The car has often been praised for its exceptional good looks. The company first began production of the GT in 2004 and continues today.

The Alfa Romeo Brera comes in two forms. The first is a mid-sized coupe designed to replace the GTV, and the second is convertible form (Spyder) designed to replace the GTV-based Spider. The Brera comes with a choice of three engines, the 2.4 JTD turbodiesel, the 2.2 JTS, and the 3.2 V6 with talk of a V8 form. The car was first produced in 2005 and production continues to date.

The Alfa Romeo 147 is a compact car that was first produced in 2000. The car was designed to replace the 145 and 146 hatchbacks. The car comes with a 1.6-litre or a 2.0-litre petrol engine or a 1.9-litre diesel engine option. The car’s exterior design was enhanced in 2004 and in 2006 the 147 1.9 JTD Q2 version was launched. The car was first produced in 2000 and production continues today.

The Alfa Romeo 159 is a compact executive car. The 159 was designed to replace the popular 156 model. The 159 comes with front-wheel drive or can be purchased in four-wheel drive form called the Q4. There are many petrol and diesel engines currently available with plans for new releases being developed for 2006 and 2007. The car was first produced in 2005 and production continues to date. Other popular models include the Alfa Romeo Mito and Alfa Romeo Giullieta.

Ford Fiesta Still UK’s Best-Seller

New sales figures released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) show that the Ford Fiesta was still the most popular vehicle in the UK in September.

Of the 403,136 total cars sold in the month, 20,629 of them were Ford Fiestas. It is the best-selling car of 2013.

Second in 2013 is the Fiesta’s big brother, the Ford Focus. The Focus was the third best-seller in September behind the Vauxhall Corsa, which outsold it by just 169 units.

ford_fiesta_hatchback_2013_five-door_front_quarter_mainThere was an upswing in sales for a number of vehicles, partly down to the change to the 63-plate. Amongst them was the Fiat 500, which moved into the top 10 with 7,422 models sold.

SMMT Chief Executive Mike Hawes commented on the trend: “The September new car registrations figure was the highest monthly total since March 2008. With over 400,000 new cars registered for the first time in more than five years, the UK market is reflecting growing economic confidence.

“Robust private demand has played a major role in this growth with customers attracted by exciting, increasingly fuel-efficient new models that offer savings in the cost of ownership. This is the 19th consecutive month of steady growth and, with fleet and business demand still to reach pre-recession levels, we believe the performance to be sustainable. The latest 63-plate should deliver positive results into next year.”

Less Young People Learning To Drive


The image of a teenager getting their first car on their 17th birthday is on its way to obtaining myth status, as more and more 17-19 year olds are deciding that driving costs more than it is worth. It is hardly surprising, in fact the only surprise to be had is that there has only been a 20% drop in learner drivers between the ages of 17 and 19.

Asda Money have recently reported figures which would suggest that it now costs around £5000 to put a youngster behind the wheel, and which ‘youngster’ can afford that!? Also with the economic downturn it seems unreasonable to expect the parents to shell out such a massive sum for something which no longer seems that essential. Also, after the initial £5000, the youth will have to worry about rising fuel prices, more insurance and servicing and MOT costs. Also, with regards to insurance, costs have risen by 80% for young drivers since 2010 alone!

Yet these factors aren’t just affecting the younger driver; is has been found that those who have passed their tests are driving less. It seems it is taking much more these days for people to open the car door, and with rising costs, car ownership is becoming more of a burden than it is a luxury.

Renault Grand Scenic


The Renault Grand Scenic MPV has received a facelift and it shall appear at the Geneva Motor Show in March, alongside the new Scenic XMOD.

The main cosmetic change comes with the front end of the model with its new front bumper, headlights and grille which reflects the styling of the new Clio and the brand in general. The interior has been given the modern touch as well with a new navigation and multimedia display featured on the dashboard.

There are unfortunately, still questions about the Renault Grand Scenic’s reliability though it scored well in the 2012 JD Power survey so you shouldn’t have to splash out too much on car servicing, but it is still worth baring in mind.

The facelifted Grand Scenic is scheduled for sale in the UK later in 2013. You will find the face lifted low mileage Renault Grand Scenic’s on classified sites by the end of the year.